Virtual Tour of the Phipps Center for the Arts Exhibit

Ten days after the opening, my New Landscapes exhibit closed down due to Covid-19 concerns. But, it was a stunning exhibit, so I am showing it here for those who did not see it in person. All pieces are oil paint on canvas. A few of these works will be in my next exhibit at Gallery 360 opening August 15, 2020. To see more details on these pieces, please go to my Oil Landscapes webpage.

Granite Face, 48" x 48"

Grassy Island Rocks, 60" x 48"

Winter Morning, 60" x 36"

Spatial Vignettes, 72" x 72"

Spring Morning, 60" x 36"

Winter Evening, 96" x 48"

The Sacredness of Clouds at Sunset, 24" x 30"

The Darkness Behind Trees: Homage to Charles Burchfield, 72" x 46"

Blue North, 60" x 36"

Morning Light, 72" x 46"

Rocky Nook, 30" x 30"