Rainy Lake
Rainy Lake (Early Late-Modernist Painting), 12" x 16"


Gull Island Rise
Gull Island Rise, 12" x 14"


The Francis
The Francis (Late Early-Modernist Painting), 16" x 12"


Gull Island Cove
Gull Island Cove, 12" x 16" Oil Paint


The Channel
The Channel, 12" x 9" Oil Paint


Every summer I head up north to International Falls, MN and spend time on an island on Rainy Lake. These paintings are of the landscape that is uniquely North: expanses of water pocked with islands, evergreen trees on moss covered rocks, and a clarity to the air and light. As much as the landscape's dominating aspect is an intertwining pattern of water, land and sky, it also makes the personal exploration of niches just as important and revealing. Breathing and living in this grand landscape is only enhanced by the intimate nature of the experience. With each step on rocky-spined islands, soft pine needled earth, and wet slippery shores, one is adjusting their weight - living in the moment. Hiking a trail one may quickly dip into a fern-filled glen or suddenly find one's self on the edge of a lichen encrusted bluff. The lazy sun of summer doesn't bring a haze to the brain but calls one to rest deeply, to recharge, and to breath. If listened to, the North can correct us, reallign our lives to be closer to our boundlessness. If the personality of cultures is determined by the landscape in which they live, then North is inhabited by people who are steady and clear, whose uniqueness is revealed by contact over time, like lake water revisiting a shore rock with every lapping wave. These paintings try to capture this essence of the North.

Proceeds from the sale of these landscapes will go to the Ernest C. Oberholtzer Foundation in International Falls, MN to help people experience the North and come closer to their boundlessness.

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